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Frequently Asked Questions about the Appointment System

Beginning December 23, 2018, taxpayers who use Tax-Aide services in The Villages, FL will be able to make their appointments for the upcoming tax season online! 

Who will be able to use the online system?  Anyone who has an email address will be able to make their appointment online from their Smartphone, personal computer or tablet.

What if I don’t have an email address?  One reason we opened the appointment system before January was so people without email could ask their family or friends to help them make an appointment over the holidays.  

What if I have an email address but don’t have a computer or Internet access?  Visit one of the following locations that have computers with Internet access available:

Any Sumter County Public Library
Lady Lake Library
Savannah Center Computer Lab
Mark Twain Library at Paradise Recreation Center

What if I need to cancel or reschedule an appointment?  You will receive an email confirmation after you make your appointment.  There is a link in that email that allows you to view your appointment; that link also allows you to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

There will be a new Express Lane appointment at Colony Cottage Rec Center.  This will be for simple returns with fewer than 6 forms (no Sch C, brokerage statements, or itemized deductions). 

If we have a joint return, do we need two appointments?  No, only make one appointment.  Duplicate appointments that are made will be cancelled.

How can I get information about whether you can prepare my return or not?  Click on the Services tab at the top of the page.  That has information about the types of returns we are able to prepare and those we cannot.

Will all available appointments be in the online system initially?  Although all our appointments are pretty full at this time, please keep checking back for availability.

Why did you decide to implement an automated system?  Last year we prepared almost 10,000 returns and anticipate preparing over 10,000 for Tax Year 2018.  We estimate about 75% of our taxpayers will use the automated system.  That creates a great savings of time and resources for them.  Plus using the automated system is much more efficient for us.  It allows us to offer an appointment at a different location if someone walks into a site without an appointment and that site can’t accommodate him or her.  Most people would prefer to have an appointment made for them at a different site on a different day than waiting hours to get worked into the schedule as a walk-in.

Why can’t we just call for an appointment?  Unfortunately, that is a very labor-intensive way to make an appointment.  We don’t have that kind of manpower available and we only have one phone line.  If would take over 100 8-hour days using one phone line to make 10,000 appointments!

Will the automated system be open all tax season?  Definitely!  We will keep it open through April 15, 2019.  That will allow anyone who needs to make a new appointment or cancel or reschedule an appointment to do so.  It will also allow us to schedule an appointment at a different site for walk-in taxpayers who cannot be accommodated there.

Where can I find out what I should bring to my appointment?  Your confirmation email will contain a list of documents to bring.  There will be a link where you can download the Intake and Interview form that needs to be completed before your appointment.  There is also information on our website under the Appointments Tab.  You will also be able to pick up Intake and Interview forms at 4 Recreation Centers  (Colony Cottage, Mulberry Grove, Paradise and La Hacienda), or download them from the link on the Appointments Tab above.

Do I need my Social Security card?  Yes, a Social Security card is required for everyone on the tax return.  Since the 1099-SSA (Social Security Benefits Statement) may only contain the last 4 digits of the SSN, we will need to see a SS card for everyone on the return.​

Are there any requirements for the Affordable Care Act?   We will need to ask taxpayers about health insurance coverage for all people on their tax return.  If you had coverage through a government health plan, an employer health plan or retiree plan, or a private health insurance plan you should receive either a Form 1095-B or C.  Please bring that to your appointment.

 If you purchased health insurance through the Federal or State Marketplace, you will receive a Form 1095-A again this year, which we need to prepare your return.  If you received an exemption through the Marketplace, you will need to bring your ECN.  If you were offered employer coverage but did not accept it, and you had no other coverage, please bring the cost information about your employer coverage with you. 

Will I still be able to make an appointment using the sign up sheets at various recreation centers and libraries?  No

Do you have a number to call where I can make an appointment?  Unfortunately we do not.  We do not have staff to man a phone at this time.

For appointment locations please click on the Appointments tab above.