What we Can help you with:

​(In scope)

1040 with: 

Schedule A (Itemized Deductions)

Schedule B (Interest and Dividends)

Schedule D (Broker Statements) 

Schedule C (Business Return with up to $25,000 expenses) as long as there is not a loss

Schedule EIC and EIC worksheets

1099-Misc (box 7, box 1 or 2, box 3)

1040-ES (Estimated payments)

​2106 (Employee Business Expense)

2441 (Child & Dependent Care)

5405 (Repayment of First Time Home Buyer Credit)

8283 (Noncash charitable contributions between $500 and $5000)

8606 (Nondeductible IRA) 

​8615 (Minor's Investment Income)

8880 (Qualified Savings Credit)

8812 (Additional Child Tax Credit)

8863 (Education Credits)

8949 (Sale or Disposition of Assets)

9465 (Installment Agreement)

8379 (Injured Spouse)

1040X (Amended Returns for past 3 tax years)

Schedule K-1 (only for interest, dividends, capital gain distribution or royalties)

Cancellation of Credit Card Debt

Form 1095A (Affordable Health Care Act)

*Health Savings Accounts (1099SA and Form 8889)

                 *if  the counselor is trained and certified

What we cannot help you with:

(Out of scope)

Schedule C (Business Return if there is depreciation, inventory, a loss, or expenses are over $25,000 )

Complicated Schedule D without proper paperwork (Capital Gains and Losses)

Schedule E (Rental Property with expenses)

Schedule F (Farm Income)

3903 (Moving Expense)

Portions of Schedules A & B not included in training

Other Rental income or business income

Returns (original or amended) farther back than three prior tax years

​K-1 with Business Income or loss

Adjusted Gross Income greater than $200,000 for Single, $250,000 for Married Filing Joint may trigger a Net Investment Income Tax which would be Out of Scope

Free Tax assistance for those who need it most

Note: The Volunteer Protection Act requires that our volunteers stay in the scope of the program. If counselors feel they do not have adequate knowledge or your return is too complex, you may need to see another qualified counselor or paid tax assistance.

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